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ALM 3239 33.6Kbps - Available Now!


This new release of the ALM 3239 includes 33.6Kbps speed support as well as a number of fixes to outstanding problems.

33.6Kbps support is available to customers in countries where approval for this speed has been granted. However, approval in remaining countries will be completed over the next few months during which time 28.8Kbps variants will continue to be available. Please refer to the Ordering and Upgrading sections for further details.

This extension to the V.34 modem specification enables 28.8Kbps modems to operate at speeds of 31.2Kbps and 33.6Kbps. Ratification of this new specification was completed last October. Although the new speeds do not change the name of the standard (i.e. it will still be known as V.34), we have amended our product descriptions for "V34E" to avoid any possible confusion.

33.6Kbps support provides a higher throughput resulting in a reduction in the amount of phone usage and lower phone charges for your customers. Theoretical throughput is from 115.2Kbps to 134.4Kbps if your DTE interface supports this higher speed.

NOTE: Although modem products offer 33.6Kbps speeds, the potential for their achieving this speed in the real world is an unrealistic expectation. Modems are typically tested in laboratories on clean analogue lines. But outside the laboratories, clean analogue lines are the exception, not the rule, therefore, not all products will achieve 33.6 Kbps connection rates in all areas.

Features and Benefits

As a reminder ........... The ALM 3239 is the most featured stand alone and central site modem in its class in the market today. It is high quality, highly featured, well tested and intended for corporate network solutions and systems sales providing in one unit (standalone or central site) the managed data communication needs at speeds up to 33.6Kbps

Feature   Benefit
Its excellent performance and resilience on poor lines.   Allowing the use of cheaper lines resulting in annual savings on the lines therefore making savings for the customer.
Supports ‘extended’ V34   The ALM modems provide the highest data transfer rate available for even the most demanding telecommunications tasks and situations where connect times and long-distance charges are an issue. This higher throughput results in reduced phone usage and lower phone charges.
Its manageability from CMS 400.   Ensures quick fault isolation and maximum network up-time.
Its presentation and control.   Clear indication of call and modem status plus configuration and control.
Its international availability and total end to end solution.   Ideal for multinational accounts. Allows "One Stop Shopping" for the customer resulting in dedicated technical advice and support.
Software down line load. (The modem can be reprogrammed with new instructions for new functionality through the DTE or the telephone interface.)   Allows the modem to be easily upgraded and eliminates the time consuming task of exchanging hardware thus saving time and money on journeys to multiple sites. This also minimizes obsolescence and downtime.

Network Management Support is also a key feature and benefit when it comes to the selling of these products. Some of these key NMS features are:

Target Market and Applications

The ALM 3239 is positioned at the top end of the high speed market. In particular you should be targeting the:

In addition, with this new feature in our modem product line, you can enhance your sales in several areas:

Pricing and Ordering

Prices of the ALM 3239 will not change with the addition of this feature. The pricing is reflected in the EMEA pricebook as follows:

Product HPLP Product Class
ALM 3239 SA $929 3
ALM 3239 CS $717 3

Product Availability

First customer ship dates are:

Country ALM 3239 SA ALM 3239 CS
France 06/06/97 06/06/97
Germany 06/06/97 06/06/97
India 06/06/97 06/06/97
Italy 06/06/97 06/06/97
Latin America (i) 06/06/97 06/06/97
Netherlands TBA (ii) TBA (ii)
South Africa TBA (ii) TBA (ii)
UK (iii) 20/05/97 20/05/97


(i) This configuration can be supplied to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, UAE and Turkey (approval dependent).
(ii) Awaiting confirmation of planned 33.6Kbps approval dates. The current 28.8Kbps product will continue to be offered in the pricebook until re-approval is gained and the new 33.6Kbps version fully released.
(iii) This configuration can be supplied to Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait (approval dependent).

Marketing Part Numbers

Description Marketing Part Number
ALM 3239 SA V34E UK ALM3239SAV34E-UK
ALM 3239 SA V34E France ALM3239SAV34E-FR
ALM 3239 SA V34E Italy ALM3239SAV34E-IT
ALM 3239 SA V34E Germany ALM3239SAV34E-GR
ALM 3239 SA V34E Holland/Belgium ALM3239SAV34E-HOL
ALM 3239 SA V34E India ALM3239SAV34E-IN
ALM 3239 SA V34E South Africa ALM3239SAV34E-SAF
ALM 3239 SA V34E Latin America 220V ALM3239SAV34E-LA2
ALM 3239 SA V34E Latin America 115V ALM3239SAV34E-LA1
ALM 3239 SA V34E USA 115V ALM3239SAV34E-US
ALM 3239 CS V34E UK ALM3239CSV34E-UK
ALM 3239 CS V34E France ALM3239CSV34E-FR
ALM 3239 CS V34E Italy ALM3239CSV34E-IT
ALM 3239 CS V34E Germany ALM3239CSV34E-GM
ALM 3239 CS V34E Holland/Belgium ALM3239CSV34E-H/B
ALM 3239 CS V34E India ALM3239CSV34E-IN
ALM 3239 CS V34E South Africa ALM3239CSV34E-SAF
ALM 3239 CS V34E Latin America ALM3239CSV34E-LA


Existing 28.8Kbps configurations can be upgraded with 33.6Kbps firmware. However, 31.2Kbps speed will not be available as the current 28.8Kbps hardware does not support this speed and cannot be upgraded to do so. Nevertheless, customers will benefit from all the other items addressed in this maintenance release.

The new code along with updated country PTT file will be available on the BBS. Please call the Product Support Centre Help Desk at +44 (0)1256 761240 to arrange for a download.


This upgrade is available only in territories where 33.6Kbps support has been approved. To check if 33.6Kbps has been approved in your country, please contact the Product Support Centre Help Desk on the number above.

June 1997

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